Cindy’s Flowers

Cindy’s Flowers


1. Recycle an old book, dictionary or encyclopedia! We used old markers and put them upside down in a mason jar filled with about 1/4 cup of water. (Watercolors work great too!) The more markers you use the darker the color. Be careful not to use to much water.


2. Brush the colored water on several pages at a time, let them dry. If you would like to deepen the color do the same process again until you are satisfied with the color.


3. I used the paper cutter and cut the paper into 2″ strips. 


4. Using a 1.5″ punch cut as many circles as you can get in one strip. 


5. Fold the circle into a cone shape.(Larger circle shown for tutorial.)  Insert glue gun tip under top curve about an 1/8′ to 1/4″ in and secure with the glue. Hold in place until set.


6. You will be setting the cone shapes side by side with the v part of the petal facing upward. 


7. I start with a tiny dab of glue on the inside edge of the small end of the cone. Immediately get one more cone and butt it up to the first. Hold in place until glue is set. Keep doing this until you have formed the flower shape.


8. Do the same thing now with the inside edge of the larger part of the cone. If you put to many cones together it will looked squished, to few and with will looked stretched.  


9. Plug in your glue gun and put on a good movie and just go to town!! I made a ton! More is well…more!!!


10. I have a lot of buttons so I would try different ones and used the one I loved most with that color. Just hot glue it to the center.


11. Cute as a button!!


12. This is the moss I used on the back of the flowers. I found it at JoAnn’s Craft Store. It’s really nice and comes in a sheet. 


13. My Favorite glue gun. It’s a mini with a fine tip. It works great for this kind of project. Hobby Lobby had the best selection and more in the floral dept.


14. I used branches from the backyard and cut them to whatever size I needed.  Fill a mason jar with sand and press the branch into the sand. There is a natural hole in the back of your new flower fill it with hot glue and place it onto the top of your stem. Have a little tuft of moss ready, come up under the branch and wrap it around the top and press it into glue. The moss will secure the flower in place. Hold and adjust the flower until the glue has set.


15. I made the tags and used a hole punch and added the twine so I could wrap it around the jar. Click on the link below for the template!

Bloom Where You Are Planted PDF