Vintage Flower

Vintage Flowers

Large Door Flower
Paper Flower 002 - Copy

1. A few items you will need!


Foam Balls

 2. I bought these at JoAnn’s. I’m pretty sure Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have them too.

Paper Flower 003

3. I used an old dictionary and made circle templates out of card stock. Trace around the circles with a sharpie.  

Paper Flower 007

4. I stacked several pages together and stapled around the circles to hold them in place. 

Paper Flowers 009

5. Roll the edges in an ink pad. Be careful not to press to hard on the pad or the ink will get to thick. I made a lot of these and I started wearing rubber gloves. Easier cleanup!!

Paper Flowers 008 - Copy

6. Allow to dry thoroughly before the next step.


7. Fold the circles into a cone shape. Insert the glue gun under the top paper and follow the curve about an 1/8 to 1/4 inch in. Hold until set.


8. Place the cones side by side with the V of the cone facing up. I put one dot of glue to the inside edge of the small end of the cone, press the next cone right up against the hot glue. Do this with the rest of the cones until they form a circle.


9. Next on the inside edge of the top or large end of the cone add another dab of glue. Pull the one next to it and hold until set. It doesn’t take much and you shouldn’t be able to see the glue. (Well not much anyway!)

Paper Flowers 013 - Copy

10. When you set the last cone in each flower it’s better to have to reach a little way to glue the last two together, to many cones and it looks squished. Make one 6 inch flower and 5 inch flower. I added a black card stock circle to the back. You can make this as big or as little as you want. It helps to stabilize the really large flowers and makes it pretty from the back as well! I just used the stick glue on the card stock, flipped the flower over, centered it and gently pressed down. 


11. I added a black card stock circle to the back of the larger flower with stick glue. I covered every inch of one side of the black circle and gently pressed it on and then flipped it over again.


12. Using a pencil I inserted it through each cone and pressed down to stick the cones to the black card stock. 

Paper Flowers 015 - Copy

13. Flip the smaller of the flowers over and put the liquid glue on the back. 

Paper Flowers 016

14. Center the 5 inch flower above the 6 inch flower and place gently down.  Pressing inward on the outside edges  the top flower will  slide inward making the center hole smaller. Gently press downward on each cone to help secure. Let dry thoroughly.

marker and foam

15. I pushed the foam ball onto a sharpened pencil. Use a permanent black marker and cover the ball. 

Paper Flowers 018

16. Twirl the ball and cover with the liquid glue.

Paper Flowers 019

17. I used a paper towel and smoothed the glue out evenly over the entire ball.

chia ball

18. I put chia seeds in a bowl and pressed the foam ball firmly downward, rolling it in the chia seeds at the same time. 

Paper Flowers 020 - Copy

19. For my flowers I used chia and poppy seeds. I also used black lentils.

Paper Flower 001

I had a blast making these and everyone loved them!